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Police, swat teams, fire fights and new shoes

by taj | Jan 02, 2009 |

So, as of 2009 I no longer ride for Etnies. To start the year of fresh I went to find some new shoes. After stopping at several stores I finally found some I wanted. Tried them on, felt good about the fit and decided to take them. After leaving the store with the shoes I was very surprised to find a team of security guards had been scrambled to stop me! Apparently the store wanted me to pay for the shoes! “Pay” for shoes?!? Are you kidding me? Have any of you ever heard of such a thing? I know what you are thinking, you’re thinking, pay? pay what? Like money? Like the stuff you use to buy electronics? Well, yes indeed, I guess its a new thing or something but shoes stores (at least here in Austin) want you to give them money for their shoes. I could understand if they wanted to take pictures of me or something… thats how things have always worked before (for the last 20 years) with Etnies and Airwalk. You just let them take your picture and then you pick out what shoes you want. Oh well… I guess its the economy. Hopefully this won’t catch on in other parts of the country because let me tell you, paying for shoes sucks! I hope you guys never have to deal with what I went through, forking over cash for shoes… ridiculous! 


I know you think it would be cool to have a drummer in your band who was also a recording engineer, but they are such perfectionists with their trained ears! They hear every little screw up you make while playing bass. 

In other news I’ve been super busy with the band recording our half of a split record that is due out in february. Recording all professional like in a studio can really be hard work. We played so much I actually got forearm pump the same way as if I had been riding for an entire day over washboard bumps. The tracks are down now and we are just working on doing the mixing/ mastering (which seems a lot like editing a video, only there’s no video to watch other then the sound waves). Good times!

This is down right embarassing. Krt Schmidt put up my section from the old Standard Happy Days video. What year is this from? At least some of it was filmed in 1991 during the year I was at college because I recognize the ledges in front of my dorm. 


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